You're running my life EXO !

 TLP Singapore backstage

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[14/08/23 TAO’S MEIPAI] 新成员的出现 😭

(the appearance of new members 😭)

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luhan’s plans for the future ♡

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dumb maknaes playing happily~

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Exo - 1st Look magazine 

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140820 Celebrity Chef Has Arrived Ep 1:

Yixing felt that the roast beef dish he made was too hard to chew as he had wrongly chosen the toughest part of the beef for his dish. Is the judge too generous, or are you too humble? Whatever it is, keep improving bb <3

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31/ moments of my OTP: the way that Sehun turns to look, licks his lips, and tilt his head cutely when Yixing speaks.

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